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Kunu was founded by a researcher devoted to the study of folk art and a designer with an interest in the subject. Having been in contact with artisans, it became obvious that there was a need to help them to market their products. Therefore, we of Kunu are interested in dealing directly with various family workshops and cooperatives, paying a fair price for their products and encouraging their creativity.


Handmade textiles made with materials like cotton, wool and natural dyes. We offer shawls/rebozos, handbags/purses and make-up bags.


We offer handmade textile crafts of high quality. To do so, we make a careful selection of products, each of which is unique, indicating where it was made and by whom.

Back strap loom



All our products are handmade in small towns in Mexico where textiles have been labored in a long tradition. In each of these places the artisans specialize in an individual technique.


The textiles are woven with pedal looms and back-strap looms, the latter used since pre-Hispanic times and now used mainly by women. Meanwhile, men devoted to pedal loom see it as an alternate source of income apart from farming.


Two women's cooperatives supply our crafts, the Unión de Artesanas (Union of Artisans) from Jalieza and Mujeres que Tejen (Women who weave) from Teotitlan del Valle, as well as various family workshops. With this project we want to give more money to these people paying a fair price and avoid that this kind of art disappears.

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Rebozos from San Baltazar Guelavila

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